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Women’s Health Programs for Everyone!

The Women’s Health programs at RHWC offer options that provide therapeutic and exercise benefits. From the Mom to be to the Post-Menopausal Woman participants may choose to work with a specialist on pelvic floor fitness to prevent female health problems and promote positive lifestyle habits, or they may select one of our several fitness options, including one-on-one training programs, aquatic fitness classes, group fitness classes, prenatal yoga, exercising with menopause and more.

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Option 1: Licensed Clinician & Pelvic Floor Specialist

This option is led by Licensed Clinician & Pelvic Floor Specialist, Amy Zipp, MS, OTRL and requires a MD referral. All patients receive 1-on-1 treatment with a balanced approach to address their diagnostic concerns. Amy’s focus is on the relationship between pelvic floor fitness and how that aspect of deep core stability translates to improved movement patterns for the rest of the body.

Some of the common diagnosis the Women’s Health Program will cover:

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (prolapse, urgency/frequency, stress urinary incontinence, chronic constipation)
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Gynecologic & Breast Oncology
  • Pre & Postnatal Patients

Option 2: One on One Training

One on one training with exercise physiologist specializing in Women’s Health.

Option 3: Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga offers an opportunity for the expectant mother to prepare her body for birth and the new lifestyle into Motherhood.

  • Discover the connection of mind, body, spirit and baby to be in a gentle relaxed atmosphere
  • Relieve tension in the ever changing body of pregnancy
  • Cultivate strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Prepare for birth with different techniques of breathing, postures, visualizations and meditations
  • Bond with other expectant mothers

Option 4: Mom’s Fitness (Prenatal)

This small group program meets 2 times per week and will help women:

  • Maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy
  • Bounce back quickly once the baby arrives
  • Decrease the chances of needing a C-section and other interventions
  • Increase strength, muscle tone, and energy
  • Improve mood and overall sense of well-being
  • Decrease unpleasant symptoms like fatigue and back pain
  • Keep the core tight to prevent abdominal separation
  • Strengthen pelvic muscles to reduce the risk of incontinence
  • Lessen the risk of Postpartum Depression

Option 5: Mom’s in Motion Aquatic Classes

This supervised aquatic exercise program is taught by a pre & postnatal specialist and is designed to prepare women for the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and post-partum, to develop stamina and strength for labor and delivery and to restore muscle tone after their baby is born. The classes are also an excellent opportunity to socialize and share experiences with other expecting mothers

Option 6: Baby & Me Fitness (Postnatal)

One of the first things moms worry about after having a baby is their fitness. This is a program that will help you get back into pre-baby shape while instilling a love for physical activity in the little one.

This small group meets 2 time per week.

To find out more information, simply call us at (916) 677-1200.

Option 7: Comprehensive Wellness Program

This a 12 week program for individuals who are ready to create a new lifestyle!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, eliminate medicatons or get your health back on track this is the program for you. The CWP utilizes a Nutritionist, Private Trainer, Wellness Coach and Stress Management therapies as an excellent web of services to work cohesively together for a successful outcome.

To learn more about this program contact Lisa Robinson at (916) 677-1200.

Option 8: Fit Over 50 (Exercising with Menopause)

The symptoms of Menopause are numerous and can affect a Women’s quality of life moving through this stage. The good news is that exercise can often help reduce menopause-related symptoms. This program will include an aerobic, strength training, flexibility and balance component; each exercise can be modified to individual capabilities and limitations. No matter what your fitness level is, you will benefit from this program.

Some of the Benefits include:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Prevent weight gain
  • Improve cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Increase balance & flexibility
  • Decrease the risk of osteoporosis
  • Strengthen muscles & bones
  • Relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings & insomnia

Option 9: Postnatal Pelvic Program

During pregnancy there is an increased pressure on the pelvic floor and childbirth can stretch and damage the pelvic floor muscles. If your pelvic floor muscles are weakened, you may find that you leak urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh… this is common and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. However, by performing pelvic floor exercises, you can strengthen these muscles to help reduce or avoid stress incontinence after pregnancy.

Join a group class with other new moms and get your body back after childbirth.

To learn more about this program contact Lisa Robinson at (916) 677-1200.

Option 10: Postnatal Exercise Program (P.E.P)

Birthing your baby is a physically challenging and life-changing event. Whether vaginal or cesarean you can take awe at the resilience and capability of your body. Proper Post-Natal activity is highly beneficial for pelvic floor, core, posture, circulation, mood. sleep, strength and stamina.

We are now offering our program virtually for those who have been cleared for physical activity. Participants will be guided step by step from the initial consultation, obtaining the “exercise kit” as well as virtual classes 2x per week. This program can be utilized as a foundation for a safe return to exercise/sport or employment.

P.E.P Classes 2 days week- Tues/Thursday 1pm

All classes will be done virtually via zoom in the comfort of your own home!

postnatal exercise

Option 11: Exercise & Nutrition for Bone Health (6 Week Program)

Nutrition and exercise play a major role in keeping your bones and muscles healthy. Because the bones and skeletal muscles work together, the nutrients you consume and activities you participate in often affect both systems simultaneously. For most people, consuming a healthy diet with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals is enough to ensure bone and muscle health, although people with certain medical conditions may need to adjust their nutrient intake or exercise plan.

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