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The Roseville Health & Wellness Center in Roseville, CA is a place where people throughout the Sacramento Area come to pursue a common goal of more complete wellness. Different from a traditional fitness center, our center utilizes a medical-fitness model that focuses on improving the overall well-being of members.

Our degreed fitness specialists and instructors are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and helping you make the most of your membership to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Our primary goal is to instill knowledge and skills to better manage chronic diseases, have members participate in health maintenance and preventive programs and activities, and help members recuperate from injuries or illnesses. We want to bridge the gap between health care and fitness by supporting clients to achieve physical fitness and continued recovery through carefully developed training programs.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a unique science and art that utilizes a wide variety of procedures to restore function to the body, reduce pain and help prevent future injury.

Sacramento Spine & Physical Therapy offers seamless care for patients with any type of bone, joint, muscle or connective tissue injury or disorder. Our physical therapists help patients improve mobility, restore functional movement, relieve pain and increase independence. They are among the most skilled professionals in treating musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.

For more information call (916) 677-1210 or click the button below.

Comprehensive Wellness Program

Whether your goal is to lose weight, eliminate medications or get your health back on track this 12 week program is for you.

The Comprehensive Wellness Program utilizes a Nutritionist, Private Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Stress Management therapies as an excellent web of services to work cohesively for a successful outcome.

To learn more about this program contact Lisa Robinson at (916) 677-1200.

Pat is no stranger to the healthcare system, as CEO of Sutter Roseville Medical Center he was well-resourced to attend to his own health concerns. “I would grade my health as poor. I was 30-40 pounds overweight, could not do intense cardio exercise for more than 5-10 minutes and I was ready to make some positive changes”.

Pat opted for the 12 week Corporate Wellness Program a comprehensive program that addresses all aspects of health utilizing a dietitian, private trainer, and relaxation therapies.

“The 12-week program has been designed as an excellent web of services with experts in a variety of disciplines with everyone working cohesively to help me be successful in achieving my goals. After just 12 weeks I lost 23 pounds, over 3 inches in my waistline, decreased a medication, lowered my cholesterol and significantly increased stamina and muscle sustainability during exercise. My ability to process and think is much clearer and I find that I am calmer during stressful situations.”

Pat is an inspiration to us all and proof that a comprehensive approach to a healthier lifestyle yields great results.

Pat Brady

Functional Balance

Heather Crivellone, Personal Trainer, will incorporate movements that challenge balance while simulating daily activities. Balance is cooperation between brain, nervous system, muscle and bones and the class will focus on improving all of these components.

Call (916) 677-1200 for pricing information

Wellness Coaching

Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain improvements in their lives. The relationship between a coach and client offers a profound level of support, guidance, and encouragement to making changes, without being judgmental.

A coach enables change by focusing on a client’s stated needs, values, vision, and goals and helping to bring out his/her personal best.

Fall Prevention

Our certified personal trainers have created a “Fall Prevention Academy” to help improve balance, flexibility and strength while educating participants on strategies to avoid falling.

This program is designed for anyone who is concerned about their health or the health of a loved one and wants to learn practical tips and tools in order to prevent injuries due to falls.

Pre-natal Yoga

  • Discover the connection of mind, body, spirit and baby-to-be in a gentle relaxed atmosphere
  • Relieve tension in the ever changing body of pregnancy
  • Cultivate strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Prepare for birth with different techniques of breathing, postures, visualizations and meditations
  • Bond with other expectant mothers and share the beauty of the evolutionary process of birthing

Since joining the Roseville Health and Wellness Center I have lost 20 lbs.! After giving birth, my weight was up to 167 lbs. I worked my way down to 140 lbs. wearing a size 8, when I reached a plateau. I joined the Wellness Center and after 1 year I am down to 120 lbs. and wearing a size 2! “I feel great” I workout 4 days a week and never miss the Fit ball class. My work out has become a personal reward. My energy levels are up and I have lowered my cholesterol levels tremendously. Working out is part of my lifestyle now and I love it!”


Posture Correction

This program will improve posture by adding corrective strengthening and stretching exercises to your fitness program. Our posture correction program is designed to restore normal spine alignment and function, develop alignment that prevents injury, and create a more even distribution of forces on the spinal column.

Continued poor posture can lead to stretched ligaments, cartilage damage, disc injuries, arthritis and many other musculoskeletal disorders. We provide education on how to implement a daily proactive approach or plan to maintain good posture.

Paul Dugan MD is a well-respected family physician who decided it was time to start taking charge of his own health and wellness. Years of dedicating his life’s work to our community included Director of Medical Education at Sutter Roseville hospital for 19 years, President- Roseville Chamber of Commerce, recognition from State Senate as a leader in the medical profession and founder of the Start a Heart-Save a Heart program to mention a few.

Years of dedicating his life work to his many patients and the Roseville community had taken its toll on Dr. Dugan physically. With the assistance of his trainer Noelle, Dr. Dugan has made impressive gains in his stamina, strength, mental acuity and posture. “I wish I had started working out at the Wellness Center years ago, I have not felt this good in a long time and I am having lots of fun”. Dr. Dugan encourages people to seek out a safe environment such as RHWC to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. “I encourage everyone, including physicians to take charge of their health and wellness. Life is precious and exercise can save precious lives”.

Dr. Paul Dugan

Chair Yoga

A special Yoga class that will incorporate a chair to transform traditional Yoga poses into its gentle counterpart. Chair Yoga is designed for individuals with chronic conditions, injuries, disabilities, weight issues, or anyone looking for a gentle way to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Both seated and assisted standing poses are incorporated.

Chair Yoga has changed the life of Carol Tager. Her posture has improved and her joint pain from Arthritis reduced as a result of the class. “It improves my body, mind and spirit,” she says. Carol participates in Chair Yoga taught by Ellen at the Roseville Health & Wellness Center and credits the class for her increased flexibility, lowered stress, deeper sleep and improved core strength. At the age of 86, Carol is enjoying a new challenge and loves that she is still seeing positive change in her health thanks to Chair Yoga.

Carol Tager

Weight Loss Program

Interested members can take advantage of Weight Loss Programs designed to address all aspects of health & fitness necessary to help make a lifestyle change that will help you be your best! We focus on everything from the psychology of fat loss to nutrition and fitness. To find out more information on our weight programs, simply call us at (916) 677-1200.

“Prior to joining the Roseville Health & Wellness Center we were depressed, overweight, had low energy and convinced that being middle aged had slowed us down. While grieving the loss of our son we made a goal to live well and achieve the best health possible.“

Carvin and Tery have come a long way “I have lost 110 pounds reducing my dress size from a 22 to an 8. My husband has lost 60 pounds and shrunk his waistline from a 42 to 36. Most importantly we both have a significant increase in energy and reduced our health risk factors.”

The RHWC is so proud of Carvin and Tery for reaching their goal of living well and achieving a healthy energetic lifestyle. “The family atmosphere and sense of community we experience at Roseville Health & Wellness Center is what keeps us going, it’s like a family.”

Tery and Carvin Ayers

Diabetes & Exercise

This is a 12 week program designed for individuals suffering from chronic health problems. The program utilizes a Registered Dietitian, Private Trainer and Wellness Coach and promotes Stress Management therapies as an excellent web of services to work cohesively for a successful outcome.

Pre-placement requirements include a BMI greater than 30 with one or more lifestyle related risk factors, and an MD prescription is also required. Ask about Insurance reimbursements.

Dennis Martinez had his share of medical issues upon joining the wellness center. His bodyweight was over 240 pounds; he had double by-pass surgery and two spine surgeries. He was a diabetic- requiring four insulin shots per day, had high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. He was prescribed 13 daily medications to deal with the multitude of health issues.

“Within months I felt like a new person and my doctors were shocked that I eliminated all my medications, required no insulin, lost 40 + pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol were within normal limits.”

Dennis waist measurement went from a 45 to a 35 and he can spend the $200 per month he used to spend on co-pays for medications on something a little more fun. The best news is that Dennis recently celebrated his 54th birthday and is happy to report that he feels healthier today than he ever recalls feeling. We are proud of Dennis and glad we could play a role in his amazing lifestyle change.

Dennis Martinez

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition os one of the key catalysts in achieving lifelong health and vitality. Let our Nutritionists teach you the skills to achieve optimum health by providing practical ways you can apply good eating and lifestyle habits into any way of life.

Choose from one of our Nutrition packages:

  • Back To Basics – Nutrition and Vitality Package
  • Revitalizer – 4 Week Nutrition Coaching
  • Advanced Metabolic 8 Week Nutrition Coaching
  • One on One Nutrition Coaching – Work with the RHWC Nutritionist to learn how to:
    • Eat Healthier
    • Improve cholesterol levels
    • Reverse Diabetes
    • Lose Weight
    • Control Blood Sugar
    • Manage many Medical Conditions
    • Plan Family Meals

Personal Training

Quickly and safely achieve your fitness goals under the direct supervision of a qualified fitness professional with Roseville Health & Wellness’ personal training programs. Our personal trainers will help you decrease body fat, improve strength and increase coordination, flexibility and muscular balance. You’ll learn the correct way to use equipment and the appropriate form and technique necessary to maximize your results.

Private Training

Did you know that IDEA, the International Health & Fitness organization released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Private Trainer!

Contact us today for more information!

Cancer Well Fit

We have created a structured and supportive program to educate cancer survivors in how to facilitate what may be one of the most powerful tools in the healing process: Exercise and well-being.

Call 916-677-1200 for more information.

“My doctor’s suggestion that I get exercise and nutritional counseling to counteract the debilitating effects of my ongoing battle with cancer brought me to RHWC. Since coming to the center four years ago, I have achieved every goal I set for myself: I’ve lost 40 pounds, increased muscle strength and cardio conditioning and reclaimed my zeal for life–even in the midst of my continuing cancer challenges. Being paired with a trainer who motivates, challenges, inspires and coaches me makes all the difference. I started training with Mark Cavallaro three years ago while in recovery from lung surgery. Three months later I had head and neck surgery, which injured my spinal accessory nerve. Mark modified my workouts, creating a program for me that led to a full recovery of the strength and mobility I lost in that operation. His knowledge and expertise allowed me to return to the active lifestyle I love. In fact, I have now run several 5 and 10 K races. I love RHWC! It is a place for people who want to achieve and maintain their optimal health in a supportive and fun environment!”

Judi Daniels

Metabolism 101

Learn how to fire up your metabolism while getting the best bang for your buck from diet and exercise.

Fit Over 50

Each 1 hour class will consist of the 5 components of a fitness program with an exercise physiologist who specializes in Women’s Health.

  1. Aerobic Fitness
  2. Muscular Fitness
  3. Flexibility Training
  4. Balance Training
  5. Relaxation

Some of the Benefits Include:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Prevent weight gain
  • Improve cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Increase balance & flexibility
  • Decrease the risk of osteoporosis
  • Strengthen muscles & bones
  • Relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings & insomnia

Connie was at a place in her life many of us can relate with, she was overweight, unhappy with her appearance and had little energy but she changed all that with a visit to the Roseville Health & Wellness Center.

“My successes have been numerous and wonderful, I have lost 20 lbs and many inches, I have cut my blood pressure medications in half which really impressed my doctor.”

Connie Reynolds

Pre/Post Rehab

The purpose of pre/post rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery utilizing the best possible exercise programs. Trainers maintain close communication with the physician in order to fully understand what the patient is undergoing and to prepare an individual treatment plan.

“Agnes began her journey at the Wellness Center with a referral for Physical Therapy. “I had neck surgery, was overweight with high blood pressure/cholesterol. The rehab which included the heated salt water pool allowed me to regain my energy and begin an exercise regimen.”

Agnes is proof that it is never too late to begin a wellness program. She is now able to maintain her 5 acre garden and donate time to local charities. “The service and encouragement I receive from the staff has made all the difference in my success, I feel cared for. In my recovery and journey I have lost 54 lbs. 4 dress sizes and have my cholesterol and blood pressure under control. I have more energy today than I’ve had in many years. Thank you RHWC for giving me my quality of life back”

Agnes Dobitz


This class is intended for those with impaired joint movement. Participants should be able to walk and/or do a moderate job comfortably in the pool. The program includes exercises to improve the participants overall function and the performance of daily tasks, mobility, gait, independence, flexibility, balance and coordination. Participants should be comfortable with moderate levels of water movement. Noodles may be used for flotation. The components of the basic program are warm up, joint range of motion for flexibility & strength, endurance, active stretch and relaxation.

My journey began in March 2008 when I found myself crawling up the front steps to my house” Debe’s bodyweight was 283 pounds when she arrived at the Wellness Center; she had high blood pressure, cholesterol and painful arthritis. “I decided that this was no way to live and I knew I needed to do something about it, to quote my friend and trainer at the Wellness Center Suzanne…Fitness is a journey, not a destination”

Thus far in Debe’s journey she has lost 130 pounds, lowered her cholesterol over 120 points and feels stronger and healthier than ever before. “My heavy chains have been broken; I have found all the love and support it takes to travel this road to wellness at Roseville Health & Wellness Center”

Debbie Tucker

Post Cardiac (Healthy Heart)

Life after Rehab . . . This program is for patients that have completed a Cardiac Rehab program, but still need the security of working with a trained professional in a safe, supported environment. A doctor’s referral is needed for this program.

To learn more about this program contact Lisa Robinson at 916-677-1200

“Before making the decision to enroll at RHWC I could not walk from my car to the supermarket, AND NOW I CAN RUN”. Agnes regained control of her health after being referred to the Healthy Heart Program at RHWC, since starting she’s gone from a size 20 to a size 6, she’s lost 54 pounds and her doctor is amazed that she has reversed her diabetes and no longer requires blood pressure medication. “Thanks to the structured care & expert training at Roseville Heath & Wellness Center I now enjoy a greater quality of life!”

Anges Schach

Parkinson Wise

Small group or individual program for persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The RHWC program includes:

  • Aerobic exercise to increase oxygen delivery and neurotransmitters for heart, lung and nervous system health. In addition, aerobic exercise will help to decrease stiffness and improve mobility.
  • Targeted exercises focused on trunk rotation, balance and preparatory adjustment, attention and learning, which can decrease depression & anxiety.
  • Functional strength to improve Action of Daily Living (ADL)

60 minute sessions, twice weekly.

Joint Replacement Academy

Roseville Health & Wellness Center’s Joint Replacement Academy was designed specifically for knee and hip replacement patients. The monthly program includes aquatic and land based strength training, aerobic conditioning and flexibility exercises designed to prepare the body (and the mind) for joint replacement procedure.

Studies have proven that patients who undergo successful Joint Replacement demonstrate a greater percentage of strength gain, decreased pain, shorter recovery times, less dependence on caregivers and more rapid return to regular activities.

To learn more about this program contact Lisa Robinson at 916-677-1200

“I joined Roseville Health & Wellness Center in January 2012, after retiring from a 35 year Family Medicine practice here in Roseville. I have always been overweight but due to arthritis issues, my mobility limited my activity. As my weight increased, my fatigue after long busy work days made the thought of any type of exercise impossible. When I retired, I was facing knee replacement surgery so I committed to weight loss by getting more fit. One of my patients, Georgia Nelson, had given me a gift card for Roseville Health & Wellness Center as a Christmas gift where she worked out. Georgia is a woman much older than me with some significant health issues, who made her commitment to fitness so it made me feel like I certainly could do the same.

I had great advice from RHWC Personal Trainer Mark Cavallaro, who devised an exercise program for me taking into account my joint (both shoulders, knee, and hip) issues. I made the commitment to myself and my family to better health through diet and fitness. Over the past 20 months, I have lost over 60 lbs., have significant more energy and get around much better. I’ve had a hip replaced so my mobility has markedly improved with my weight loss and exercise program.

I go to RHWC 3 days a week and ride my bike at hone for 40 minutes on the other days. I’ve vowed to continue my healthy lifestyle.

As a practicing physician, I would recommend similar lifestyle changes for my patients but always found an excuse to not commit for me – too tired – not enough time etc. I finally followed my own advice, after being given the gift of health from a patient who cared enough to want me to see the results she was seeing for herself at RHWC.

I move easier, have more energy and as a result am truly enjoying my family and my retirement.”

David A. Verhaag, MD

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology draws together exercise science and physiology in the study of how the body adapts to physical movement.

RHWC requires a degree in a related field from all of our Personal Trainers in order to ensure that they can provide the most up to date fitness guidance and support while understanding the science behind each individual’s needs.

Upon enrollment at RHWC, every new member begins with an individualized training program based on his or her health history, goals and comprehensive testing (Sub VO2 max test, body fat, blood pressure, and strength & flexibility), which is performed at the beginning of the new member’s fitness journey.

Baby Boot Camp

An interval-based class that incorporates cardio, strength, balance, core and flexibility training for new moms who want to regain their bodies after the baby arrives! Meet other new moms for camaraderie, friendship, and fun… all while having your baby with you.

Moms must be at least 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks c-section) and have clearance from their physician to begin.

  • Classes meet 2 times per week in the Roseville Health and Wellness Center.
  • Possibly monthly “Active” outings will be set up for mama “play dates.”

To learn more about this program contact Lisa Robinson at 916-677-1200

Prenatal 4 or 6 Week Course

2 Times per week meet with instructor and discuss how to safely and effectively exercise throughout pregnancy. This is a time to remember that we are exercising to stay healthy, maintain muscle mass, feel your best and prepare your body for an easier pregnancy and potential quicker delivery.

  • Warm Up to prepare the body to work through any discomfort
  • Strength session using light weights and machines to control range of motion as joints become to get looser during the pregnancy
  • Cardio Session helps to increase energy during pregnancy and may speed up labor, delivery and the recovery process
  • Incorporating Balance as the changing body is continuing to shift and balance issues need to be addressed to prevent injuries
  • Stretching and Relaxation! No explanation needed!

Additional “homework” exercises will be assigned to do at home on a regular basis. Healthy Recipes will also be provided to ensure adequate nutrition during this crucial time. This class is designed to prepare the new mother for a lifetime of fitness and health with her new blessing.

Postnatal Pelvic Program

During pregnancy there is an increased pressure on the pelvic floor and childbirth can stretch and damage the pelvic floor muscles. If your pelvic floor muscles are weakened, you may find that you leak urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh… this is common and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. However, by performing pelvic floor exercises, you can strengthen these muscles to help reduce or avoid stress incontinence after pregnancy.

Join a group class with other new moms and get your body back after childbirth.

Exercise & Nutrition for Bone Health (6 Week Program)

Nutrition and exercise play a major role in keeping your bones and muscles healthy. Because the bones and skeletal muscles work together, the nutrients you consume and activities you participate in often affect both systems simultaneously. For most people, consuming a healthy diet with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals is enough to ensure bone and muscle health, although people with certain medical conditions may need to adjust their nutrient intake or exercise plan.

Adaptive P.E.

Vigorous or strenuous exercise is associated with decreased hyperactivity, incidences of diseases related to obesity, aggression, self-injury and destructiveness in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

All APE Group Classes are structured in a way that offers a personalized exercise program but carried out in a motivating group setting. Each individual is allowed to progress at his or her own pace, and feel safe in an environment where they will not be judged for their own particular level of ability.

Covid Recovery Program

COVID Recovery Program

COVID-19 symptoms can sometimes persist for months. The virus can damage the lungs, heart and brain, which increases the risk of long-term health problems. Most people who have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) recover completely within a few weeks. But some people, even those who had mild versions of the disease continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery. Older people and people with many serious medical conditions are the most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms, but even young, otherwise healthy people can feel unwell for weeks to months after infection. Common signs and symptoms that linger over time include:

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Memory, concentration or sleep problems
  • Muscle pain or headache
  • Fast or pounding heartbeat
  • Depression or anxiety

*Covid Recovery group exercise program meets 2 times per week
Monday & Wednesday 10:15am – 11:15am
$55 per month or $10 copay
*One on One training available by appointment.

Bariatric Fit for Life Exercise Program

Our Bariatric Group for Life Exercise Program is designed to create a positive group fitness atmosphere with participants who are pre/post bariatric surgery. This format welcomes all fitness levels and incorporates strength, cardiovascular, flexibility and functional training.

For more information on how you can start your new life journey with RHWC’s Bariatric Fit for Life Exercise Program call Lisa Robinson at 916-677-1200

bariactric fit for life exercise program
Recovery Stretch Program

Recovery Stretch at RHWC

At Roseville Health & Wellness Center we help people move better, live better and perform at their full potential. Recovery is an integral part of a well-balanced routine to allow your body to recuperate from the cumulative stress of workouts. In addition to exercise, recovery sessions can be utilized to reduce stress and muscle/joint pain caused from prolonged sitting, lack of sleep and other challenges in life. The goal of recovery sessions is to enhance your body’s ability to recuperate and generally make you feel better overall. A few of the tools utilized in the recovery sessions include:

  • Assisted Stretching
  • Compression Technology
  • Percussion Technology
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization

Call the Front desk at (916) 677-1200 to schedule your Assisted Stretch appointment today!

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