Success Stories

Check out some of our incredible Success Stories here at Roseville Health & Wellness!

“Your Success Coming Soon!”

Chair Yoga has changed the life of Carol Tager. Her posture has improved and her joint pain from Arthritis reduced as a result of the class. “It improves my body, mind and spirit,” she says. Carol participates in Chair Yoga taught by Ellen at the Roseville Health & Wellness Center and credits the class for her increased flexibility, lowered stress, deeper sleep and improved core strength. At the age of 86, Carol is enjoying a new challenge and loves that she is still seeing positive change in her health thanks to Chair Yoga.

– Carol Tager



Success With Mark

“From my earliest conscious memory, I lived on a hamster wheel of food bliss. Round and round I went. Staring 60 in the face was the time to jump off the wheel. I needed good nutrition and a commitment to exercise. Being extremely athletic when it came to a good brisk sit and a modest walk, the exercise piece was a challenge. I knew I would not do this without an assist. Google and I spent some time together, and I stumbled on the website for RHWC, and it looked promising.

I met Mark, started on my personal fitness journey, to say I was intimidated was an understatement. Mark’s experience prevented my overburdened body from being injured. He seemed to know exactly how much to ask of me to prevent me from walking away. I got to know the other coaches and members and realized they were all there for the same reason. The common denominator was to improve.

I am often asked about the number. For those curious, the number is over 90 pounds. I left that focus behind some time ago. The scale is just another tool to maintain health and no longer a weapon to determine good or bad days. To RHWC, and most especially, Mark, I offer my most sincere thank you for the inexhaustible faith in my ability to continue to improve.”

– Sharon Blomquist

“I was referred to RHWC by my cardiologist Stephen Peters, MD. after being placed on medical leave with symptoms of sudden weakness, shortness of breath, high BP and dizziness.  I had been admitted into the hospital several times and was unable to walk more than a few hundred feet. At RHWC I was paired with Personal Trainer Kevin, who understood my goals and limitations and quickly gained my trust. I began my journey at 211lbs, with goals to lose weight, feel better and be able to sit on the floor and play with my grandson. Kevin was very perceptive, knowledgeable, and professional. He understood how to challenge me and constantly changed my routines as I progressed.   

Currently I weigh 163lbs and no longer have any of the issues that I was admitted to the hospital for. My journey has brought me confidence, self-esteem, improved memory & attention span, productivity and improved relationships with family and friends. When I visit my grandchildren I can crawl all over the floor and play with them. I see the world in a more positive life and find myself laughing more. I’m grateful for the referral to RHWC and the subsequent journey with Kevin.”

– Christine Hinde

“Before making the decision to enroll at RHWC I could not walk from my car to the supermarket, AND NOW I CAN RUN”. Agnes regained control of her health after being referred to the Healthy Heart Program at RHWC, since starting she’s gone from a size 20 to a size 6, she’s lost 54 pounds and her doctor is amazed that she has reversed her diabetes and no longer requires blood pressure medication. “Thanks to the structured care & expert training at Roseville Heath & Wellness Center I now enjoy a greater quality of life!”

– Anges Schach

“I enjoy being active now!” Heather Crawford became a member a year ago and is so thankful she did! Before discovering Roseville Health and Wellness walking around the block left her out of breath. She had no energy to do anything, which only furthered a sedentary lifestyle.

After a year of consistent exercise, Heather has lost 50 pounds and almost 10 inches in her waist! Her resting heart rate is now at a healthy level and she has so much more energy. Not only is she actually excited to exercise now, but she’s enjoying life in a new way too, “there’s so much to see and do!” Heather says. Heather is thankful for her new lease on life. With the help of her RHWC trainer, she is well on her way to a new healthy way of life and truly enjoying the journey.

– Heather Crawford

“After overcoming a torn knee ligament Bailey Laolagi participated in the Athlete Development Program to complete his rehab and prepare himself for football. Bailey returned better than ever, leading the Sac-Joaquin Section’s top defense as a Bee All-Metro performer and earning a scholarship to the UNLV football program.”

– Bailey Laolagi

“Biff Newton enrolled in RHWC’s 12-Week Wellness program (Disease Management Program). The program involves a myriad of practitioners including: Registered Dietician, Exercise Physiologist, Life Coach and Massage Therapist all working in sync on behalf of the participant. After dedicating himself to 90 days of lifestyle change, dietary modification and exercise, Biff lost a total of 26.5lbs and 26.75 inches. His cholesterol, triglycerides and hemoglobin levels are now within normal range. Biff was able to reverse unhealthy behaviors and address all aspects of his health in one setting. “I feel the best I have in years and this program probably saved my life.” Most importantly, after just 90 days, Biff has the tools and the energy to sustain his healthy behaviors and lifestyle.

– Biff Newton

“I’ve lost 45 pounds and 3 dress sizes.” With the help of the training staff at Roseville Health & Wellness Center Nina was able to push through plateaus that seemed impossible due to her health concerns. “The trainers at RHWC were able to design a specialized fitness program appropriate to my spine and hip issues that kept me safe while allowing me to workout at levels I did not know possible”. Nina reports having a better self-image and fewer health issues thanks to the medical fitness programming at RHWC. Exercise is Medicine! ”

– Nina Christie

“My doctor’s suggestion that I get exercise and nutritional counseling to counteract the debilitating effects of my ongoing battle with cancer brought me to RHWC. Once here, my partnership with Mark Cavallaro, RHWC personal trainer, enabled me to achieve a 40 pound weight loss goal, increase muscle strength and cardio conditioning, rehabilitate a variety of surgical injuries, and reclaim my zeal for life in the midst of my ongoing medical challenges. Being paired with a trainer who motivates, challenges, inspires, entertains and coaches me has made all the difference. I can’t control my circumstances, but I have learned that I can definitely control how I react to them.

– Judi Daniels

“Three years ago after I had just turned 60 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung cancer and immediately life as my wife and I knew it came to a sudden crash. Weeks of preparation for surgery left me with my upper left lung removed and the tumor still present so now we prepare for radiation and chemotherapy, losing 40lbs (mostly muscle) and because of heavy chemo I now have Neuropathy in both hands and feet.

Then I found Roseville wellness center, I started in the pool slowly swimming, then took water classes, I started to come Alive, I saw other people there who were working out their own health issues and was amazed at their tenacity, I finally ventured into the Gym (All those machines) I watched as the Coaches worked with members, smiles on their faces and having conversations but always making them work and push themselves. I was truly inspired. I worked harder, pushing myself more and more seeing other member progress inspired me to keep going. Doctor’s saved my life. Roseville health and wellness gave me the opportunity to improve on the life they saved. I will be eternally grateful for the support and life changing experience, the genuine friendship of all the staff and encouragement given on a daily basis. ”

– Andrew Eagle

“Sandie discovered the RHWC following a myriad of health issues including a stroke, multiple surgeries and extended hospital stays. Sandie suffered severe impairment in her left side and with the support of her husband embarked on a journey to one day be able to walk again.

“I am grateful for Georgia Sayak who recommended RHWC to me and to Noelle who worked with me every step of the way towards my goals.” Noelle implemented Sandie’s program which included cognitive training, mirror therapy, balance and gait, aquatic exercise and a home exercise program. “I have never seen a couple so dedicated to recovery” says Noelle.

Today Sandie is walking short distances and has no doubt that she will continue to succeed in her progression. “I enjoy coming to RHWC because of the genuine warmth and encouragement I feel from both staff and fellow members.

– Sandie Sutherland

“Rick Siegel woke up one morning just before his 50th birthday and decided it was time to turn his lifestyle around 180 degrees. He was miserably out of shape, just under 300 pounds and saw his professional and personal life in the balance. His doctor had been on him to lose weight for years, but the message had never seemed so critical until now.

Rick’s first move was to undergo a lap-band surgery, which he knew would be just the beginning. Following doctor’s orders, Rick saw the surgery as a tool (losing 50 pounds in 4 months), but not the ultimate solution. He knew he needed to become active!

Rick started moving: everything from simple walking to using Wii Fit gaming systems, the weight continued to come off. His motivation was further encouraged, when his wife introduced him to the Roseville Health and Wellness Center. Rick immediately felt at home with the group exercise classes, where he felt challenged and supported at the same time.

Rick currently attends classes 5 days a week at RHWC and says that fitness literally saved his life. He is grateful to the wellness staff that have instructed him and cheered him along the way in meeting his weight loss and fitness goals! Rick has now lost 130 pounds and his advice to anyone on a similar journey is to “begin slowly but remain consistent. You can’t have some days on and some days off. You must be all in or it just won’t work.” Rick is a shining example of someone who MADE IT WORK!

– Rick Siegel

“Agnes began her journey at the Wellness Center with a referral for Physical Therapy. “I had neck surgery, was overweight with high blood pressure/cholesterol. The rehab which included the heated salt water pool allowed me to regain my energy and begin an exercise regimen.”

Agnes is proof that it is never too late to begin a wellness program. She is now able to maintain her 5 acre garden and donate time to local charities. “The service and encouragement I receive from the staff has made all the difference in my success, I feel cared for. In my recovery and journey I have lost 54 lbs. 4 dress sizes and have my cholesterol and blood pressure under control. I have more energy today than I’ve had in many years. Thank you RHWC for giving me my quality of life back”

– Agnes Dobitz

“Fighting my way back”

A year ago my life was in shambles. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a debilitating auto-immune condition that causes extreme fatigue, joint and muscle pain taking away my healthy “zeal for life”. I allowed this condition to overwhelm my whole world. Previously, I thrived in my 40+ hour weeks as a professional interior designer. I maintained my home and all the landscaping as well as a large vegetable garden. Physically I was always very strong and athletic enjoying many strenuous activities.

“I began at the Wellness Center in Aquatic Physical Therapy and soon graduated into the Arthritis / Fibromyalgia classes where I met new friends that encouraged and supported me to be more involved and reclaim my life! Soon, I was working out 3 days per week with a new focus on eating healthy. I quickly lost 10 pounds and got my younger, curvy figure back.

After a lot of hard work and determination, I recently returned to work but what I am most elated about is on a recent hike in Yosemite, my fiancée proposed and we’re now engaged, I’ll be dancing at my wedding soon! It’s very rewarding to look in the mirror with my new found confidence and see someone I thought was gone forever.

I’m happier, healthier and have fought my way back to a fulfilling life!

– Robin DeLong

“Jane Burton, 68 years old, decided to fight her deteriorating health head on by joining the Roseville Health and Wellness Center in the summer of 2013. With a history of marathon running and intermittent weight training, Jane had remained active for a majority of her life. But her health began to head downhill after both a broken hip/replacement and a chronic dislocating shoulder stood in her way. Her body started checking out- leaving her debilitated, weak and suffering from frequent falls.

Although discouraged, Jane knew not all hope was lost. She found a safe place to rebuild her health and gain confidence in her stability again. With the help of RHWC certified personal trainer Amir Celik, Jane was able to achieve the strength and function she was looking for. Her physician husband was so impressed with Jane’s improvement, that he too joined just a few months after her, also gleaning from Amir’s expertise.

Seven months into training, Jane has not only avoided any falls and dislocations, but she feels stronger and more balanced. Jane and her husband remain committed to this new over-all wellness they have found: “We continue to train twice a week with Amir and are enjoying a significantly improved quality of life as a result!”

– Jane Burton

“I joined Roseville Health & Wellness Center in January 2012, after retiring from a 35 year Family Medicine practice here in Roseville. I have always been overweight but due to arthritis issues, my mobility limited my activity. As my weight increased, my fatigue after long busy work days made the thought of any type of exercise impossible. When I retired, I was facing knee replacement surgery so I committed to weight loss by getting more fit. One of my patients, Georgia Nelson, had given me a gift card for Roseville Health & Wellness Center as a Christmas gift where she worked out. Georgia is a woman much older than me with some significant health issues, who made her commitment to fitness so it made me feel like I certainly could do the same.

I had great advice from RHWC Personal Trainer Mark Cavallaro, who devised an exercise program for me taking into account my joint (both shoulders, knee, and hip) issues. I made the commitment to myself and my family to better health through diet and fitness. Over the past 20 months, I have lost over 60 lbs., have significant more energy and get around much better. I’ve had a hip replaced so my mobility has markedly improved with my weight loss and exercise program.

I go to RHWC 3 days a week and ride my bike at hone for 40 minutes on the other days. I’ve vowed to continue my healthy lifestyle.

As a practicing physician, I would recommend similar lifestyle changes for my patients but always found an excuse to not commit for me – too tired – not enough time etc. I finally followed my own advice, after being given the gift of health from a patient who cared enough to want me to see the results she was seeing for herself at RHWC.

I move easier, have more energy and as a result am truly enjoying my family and my retirement.”

– David A. Verhaag, MD

“Billie has utilized many of the services that the Roseville Health & Wellness Center offers. “I was first referred to Physical Therapy at RHWC for painful osteoarthritis that limited me to a scooter. I began PT in the pool and later progressed to an exercise program”.

Following PT Billie worked with a Personal Trainer and weight loss Physician at the RHWC developing a comprehensive exercise and weight loss program. “I have lost over 100 pounds, have no pain, eliminated medications and no longer need assistance walking.”

Utilizing a combination of services we offer Billie has benefited from a complete lifestyle makeover!:

– Billie Kessel

“Some people with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer throw in the towel and give up. At Roseville Health & Wellness, I ask for a towel prior to my workout” Janelle did not let her cancer diagnosis deter her from maintaining an active lifestyle. “Even with cancer I have been able to stay active and keep a positive outlook on life. Exercise has had a positive affect for pain management and lifestyle” Janelle credits the trainers at RH&WC for motivating and coaching her to maintain her nutrition and exercise goals. We credit Janelle for living her life to the fullest and having a deep appreciation for her health.”

– Janelle Bento-Williams

“Prior to joining the Roseville Health & Wellness Center we were depressed, overweight, had low energy and convinced that being middle aged had slowed us down. While grieving the loss of our son we made a goal to live well and achieve the best health possible.“

Carvin and Tery have come a long way “I have lost 110 pounds reducing my dress size from a 22 to an 8. My husband has lost 60 pounds and shrunk his waistline from a 42 to 36. Most importantly we both have a significant increase in energy and reduced our health risk factors.”

The RHWC is so proud of Carvin and Tery for reaching their goal of living well and achieving a healthy energetic lifestyle. “The family atmosphere and sense of community we experience at Roseville Health & Wellness Center is what keeps us going, it’s like a family.”

– Tery and Carvin Ayers

Finally a “good” check up with my doctor! “Following my stroke I joined RH&WC with the goal of gaining enough strength to be able to walk again”. Ann’s health has come a long way in a very short amount of time.

“Hiring a trainer was a reward to myself and has resulted in an amazing recovery. I have increased my energy levels, have my blood pressure and cholesterol under control and enjoying an active healthy lifestyle”. Like Ann everyone deserves an opportunity to restore their health and enjoy an active lifestyle, reward yourself today.

– Ann Caputo

Following a major surgery Wanda’s physical therapist suggested an aquatic program at Roseville Health and Wellness Center.

“In only 8 weeks I no longer have limited range of motion and can move freely without pain. In addition my energy levels have skyrocketed. I am so grateful to my aquatic instructor for her compassion and encouragement. The knowledgeable staff, warm water pool and a support system allowed me to live a high quality life.”

– Wanda Powers

As Hospital Director at Sutter Roseville Dennis dedicates himself to improving the health of patients, like so many others his own health was neglected. “When I heard about the 12-week Disease Management Program at Roseville Health & Wellness Center I was excited about the opportunity to change my life. I was obese with very high cholesterol, had chronic lethargy and poor eating habits.”

Dennis worked with a variety of wellness practitioners and made significant changes to his health. “I have lost 55 lbs, lowered my cholesterol by 37 points and have more energy than I have ever had, even as a child. RH&WC gave me the tools to improve my lifestyle and quality of life. I encourage others to take the first step.”

– Dennis Ledbetter

Paula’s physician referred her to the Wellness Center due to Type II Diabetes and painful arthritis. “Prior to starting my wellness program I weighed 265 lbs, suffered joint pain and was falling due to poor balance.”

Paula began her exercise program in the heated salt water pool and has shown steady progression.

“I never knew exercise could be so much fun, I have lost 70 lbs and 14 dress sizes, my diabetes is under control and I no longer have issues with falling. The staff makes me feel at home, their concern makes all the difference.”

– Paula Bristol

This months success story is another example of the powerful effect of exercise and wellness. Diane came to the Wellness Center with a myriad of health issues “I have been obese for 30 years and suffered from Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and painful arthritis” Diane began working out in the warm water pool to reduce her pain and take advantage of the gentle environment to exercise. She then made the decision to work with a trainer.

“Mark has been an essential guide thru this process, he designed fitness programs around my limitations. His inspiring me to push myself when I could not do it for myself made all the difference.”

Diane has lost an impressive 126 pounds “I went from a size 28 to a size 8 and no longer require diabetic or cholesterol medication” Diane is an inspiration for anyone who wishes to improve their health “The Wellness Center is a wonderful place to quietly improve yourself.”

– Diane Moldrup

“One year ago my health was very poor. I was overweight, had no energy and was homebound. My doctor introduced me to the Roseville Health & Wellness Center via a Physical Therapy referral” Donna has lost 64 lbs., restored her energy levels and no longer lives a sedentary lifestyle. “I cannot believe the changes in my life in one short year, I have made friends I will forever treasure and have energy and excitement back in my life. I have been a member of a number of facilities since being overweight but none offered the atmosphere, energy, personnel or members to make me feel as welcomed and able to succeed. Thank you Roseville Health & Wellness Center!

– Donna Cowan

My journey began in March 2008 when I found myself crawling up the front steps to my house” Debe’s bodyweight was 283 pounds when she arrived at the Wellness Center; she had high blood pressure, cholesterol and painful arthritis. “I decided that this was no way to live and I knew I needed to do something about it, to quote my friend and trainer at the Wellness Center Suzanne…Fitness is a journey, not a destination”

Thus far in Debe’s journey she has lost 130 pounds, lowered her cholesterol over 120 points and feels stronger and healthier than ever before. “My heavy chains have been broken; I have found all the love and support it takes to travel this road to wellness at Roseville Health & Wellness Center”

– Debbie Tucker

Paul Dugan MD is a well-respected family physician who decided it was time to start taking charge of his own health and wellness. Years of dedicating his life’s work to our community included Director of Medical Education at Sutter Roseville hospital for 19 years, President- Roseville Chamber of Commerce, recognition from State Senate as a leader in the medical profession and founder of the Start a Heart-Save a Heart program to mention a few.

Years of dedicating his life work to his many patients and the Roseville community had taken its toll on Dr. Dugan physically. With the assistance of his trainer Noelle, Dr. Dugan has made impressive gains in his stamina, strength, mental acuity and posture. “I wish I had started working out at the Wellness Center years ago, I have not felt this good in a long time and I am having lots of fun”. Dr. Dugan encourages people to seek out a safe environment such as RHWC to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. “I encourage everyone, including physicians to take charge of their health and wellness. Life is precious and exercise can save precious lives”.

– Dr. Paul Dugan

In 2007 Jeff went to his doctor complaining of constant exhaustion and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea – a potentially dangerous breathing disorder that was wrecking his sleep. The condition is often aggravated by carrying a lot of weight in the neck (some of Jeff’s shirts were size 19) the doctor told Jeff he needed to lose 60 lbs.

“Although skeptical that I could ever lose so much weight, I increased my workouts to 5 days a week and got rid of all the junk food in my house and began eating smaller portions of healthy foods. After 18 months I lost the 60 lbs. 7 inches from my waist and almost 4 inches from my neck. The sleep apnea is gone and my borderline high blood pressure is now normal.” I love the way I feel and I’m enjoying my healthy lifestyle!

– Jeff Jacobs

Pat is no stranger to the healthcare system, as CEO of Sutter Roseville Medical Center he was well-resourced to attend to his own health concerns. “I would grade my health as poor. I was 30-40 pounds overweight, could not do intense cardio exercise for more than 5-10 minutes and I was ready to make some positive changes”.

Pat opted for the 12 week Corporate Wellness Program a comprehensive program that addresses all aspects of health utilizing a dietitian, private trainer, and relaxation therapies.

“The 12-week program has been designed as an excellent web of services with experts in a variety of disciplines with everyone working cohesively to help me be successful in achieving my goals. After just 12 weeks I lost 23 pounds, over 3 inches in my waistline, decreased a medication, lowered my cholesterol and significantly increased stamina and muscle sustainability during exercise. My ability to process and think is much clearer and I find that I am calmer during stressful situations.”

Pat is an inspiration to us all and proof that a comprehensive approach to a healthier lifestyle yields great results.

– Pat Brady

People call me little now; I haven’t heard that in a long time!

This is Dee Dee’s 2nd success with us! She was originally satisfied with her increased endurance and strength gains made by taking classes and working out with Personal Trainer Suzanne Moen. But 25 extra pounds did not want to come off. “I thought I could just increase my exercise, in order to compensate for the foods I didn’t want to give up. This was not the case.”

Dee Dee looked to Suzanne once again, this time embarking on the Passport to Fitness Program at RHWC which took her outside her comfort zone. Calorie counting, journaling, hydration and accountability kept Dee Dee on track and she actually exceeded her goal!

Her new eating plan—plus exercise helped her take off 25 additional pounds…Dee Dee’s now back to her Driver’s License weight and that’s where she wants to be!

Dee Dee originally joined the gym in 2005 after a broken foot sidelined her for months, bringing with it a sedentary lifestyle and unwanted pounds. (That’s when her weight zoomed to 160.) Although Arruti says she “literally couldn’t do three minutes on the bike” when she first joined, she’s now a veritable workout queen, with a schedule that would make your head spin. (Spin, incidentally, is her Thursday class.) She works with a personal trainer, takes a body conditioning class and walks five miles five days a week.

She does, however, take a break on Sundays.

But it’s all worth it, Arruti says—and the payoff goes beyond looking good. “I’m more energetic,” she says. “I sleep better.”

– Dee Dee

Dennis Martinez had his share of medical issues upon joining the wellness center. His bodyweight was over 240 pounds; he had double by-pass surgery and two spine surgeries. He was a diabetic- requiring four insulin shots per day, had high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. He was prescribed 13 daily medications to deal with the multitude of health issues.

“Within months I felt like a new person and my doctors were shocked that I eliminated all my medications, required no insulin, lost 40 + pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol were within normal limits.”

Dennis waist measurement went from a 45 to a 35 and he can spend the $200 per month he used to spend on co-pays for medications on something a little more fun. The best news is that Dennis recently celebrated his 54th birthday and is happy to report that he feels healthier today than he ever recalls feeling. We are proud of Dennis and glad we could play a role in his amazing lifestyle change.

– Dennis Martinez

This month’s feature member has many athletic accomplishments including: Rookie of the Year, five time All-Star and two World Series Championships. “The Roseville Health & Wellness Center has everything I am looking for: a private club atmosphere, upscale amenities, cleanliness and friendly people.” After professional baseball Steve stays busy as an investment broker in Roseville, but still makes time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “The mind and body work so efficiently when both are at their optimum levels, I encourage all professionals to invest in their health.”

–  Steve Sax

Annette came to RHWC with severe and chronic neck and shoulder pain resulting from a serious car accident in 2003. She was rear-ended by a semi-truck traveling at high speed while traffic had halted. Her car was totaled and it is surprising that her only problems were two cervical disc injuries.

Following the accident Annette, who’d been an avid fitness enthusiast and runner, was no longer able to run and lost interest in athletics and fitness. At the recommendation of her orthopedic physician, Dr. Montessano, Annette began to train with Noelle Ritter, personal trainer at RHWC. Noelle was able to pinpoint the problem areas and recommend specific stretches and strengthening exercises that have greatly restored Annette’s range of motion and reduced the chronic pain.

Annette looks forward to her workouts at RHWC and she has taken advantage of many offerings including water exercise, yoga, pilates, cardio classes. She loves that RHWC has a multitude of equipment and options that allows for many different types of workouts.

With the care of a team of physicians, her personal trainer and the supportive staff at RHWC, Annette has regained her old self. Along with the improvement to her neck, she has lost 35 pounds and has a renewed zest for fitness and life!

– Annette

Following a knee surgery I was unable to perform normal activities. My bodyweight changed from 160 lbs to 209 lbs and I felt I had lost my body forever. A friend referred me to the Roseville Health & Wellness Center where I began spin, fitball and strength training. Through the support of the Wellness Center’s staff and members I successfully achieved my goals of losing weight, improving my knee strength and feeling better. Most recently I completed the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon all 26.2 miles!!

–  Tereasa Goodall

“You’re fat,” were the doctor’s exact words. With three ruptured and two bulging discs in her spine resulting from a fall at work, Caroline was left unable to move, thereby gaining an excessive amount of weight. Approved for gastric bypass surgery, Caroline refused and was referred to the Roseville Health & Wellness Center.

“I was determined to show the doctor that I could lose the weight.” It was the beginning of a long journey that began in late 2002 when she weighed 265 lbs, wore a size 26 pant and a 3X top.

“My journey at RH&WC began with physical therapy in the warm water pool to strengthen my back and decrease my pain”. Caroline eventually was walking up to 2 miles per day and performing exercises to strengthen her body. Caroline’s new goal became “exercising independently at the wellness center.” By making lifestyle changes Caroline has lost over 120 lbs, eliminated the need for surgeries and exercises three times per week.

When asked why she was successful when most have not been, Caroline’s response was that she “I wanted my life back”.

– Caroline Shiro

Darlene first visited the Wellness Center with a prescription for physical therapy to treat chronic knee problems. Years passed and after two knee surgeries and three bouts of physical therapy, she was faced with a total knee replacement surgery.

“I started training 10 weeks prior to my surgery with an emphasis on pre-surgical conditioning. After the surgery my surgeon referred to me as his star patient due to the strength I had gained prior to surgery. Both my nurse and physical therapist at the Wellness Center were amazed at how quickly I recovered.”

Darlene was able to walk without assistance just 10 days after surgery and was released from physical therapy in six weeks. “I continue to train and make positive gains. The staff in PT and at the Wellness Center have been wonderful and supportive to me. The Wellness Center has improved my quality of life and my husband refers to me as his ‘wonder woman’.”

At 73 years old and with a history of chronic knee problems and major surgery, Darlene is a prime example of the importance of proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle

–  Darlene Doss

Six years ago, I wanted to change my “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” lifestyle into having control, balance and peace. I began working out at RH&WC and started a new life. I found what I was lacking and started to feel strong, balanced and at peace with myself. Last year I wanted to go further, so I met with a personal trainer at the Wellness Center to discuss a diet program. Over a period of 4 months I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off for 8 months. RH&WC is part of my life and has enabled me to become the person I have always desired to be, inside and out. I cannot imagine my life without exercise and a healthy diet.

– Karen

Back in September, Ed Barraza decided it was time for a change. Weighing in at 289 lbs. Ed’s unhealthy diet of greasy foods and pastries drove him straight to the Wellness Center. Following four spinal surgeries and reconstruction of his right knee, Ed was determined to overcome his limitations. Beginning with aquatic classes Ed’s strength and energy began to improve. With the encouragement from the Wellness Center staff and fellow members, Ed began attending spin. Currently at 230 lbs Ed continues to work hard towards reaching his goals of felling and looking better. Congratulations Ed!

–  Ed Barraza

Since joining the Roseville Health and Wellness Center I have lost 20 lbs.! After giving birth, my weight was up to 167 lbs. I worked my way down to 140 lbs. wearing a size 8, when I reached a plateau. I joined the Wellness Center and after 1 year I am down to 120 lbs. and wearing a size 2! “I feel great” I workout 4 days a week and never miss the Fit ball class. My work out has become a personal reward. My energy levels are up and I have lowered my cholesterol levels tremendously. Working out is part of my lifestyle now and I love it!”

–  Vita

“At the age of 50, I had to admit to myself that I was badly overweight, out of shape, and had high blood pressure. My blood pressure was so high that when I donated blood, the blood bank considered refusing to draw a pint. I couldn’t bend over to pick up the morning paper. The time had come to stop denying the problem and do something about it.

I started attending Breakfast Burn class at 6:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday. It was not easy at first, but it soon became a pleasure. What I found there is a group of early risers like me, who get the daily fitness routine out of the way first thing in the morning. Roseville Health and Wellness Center creatively works on flexibility and muscle tone, but also keeps us going aerobically. The class was just right for a beginner like me because she let me take it at my own pace. There were tough days, early on, when I would get home at 7:00 am and just sit in a stupor for 15 minutes before I could get ready for work. But after a couple of months, I was ready to add the Spin class on Monday and Wednesday, and the bump from two days per week to four had very positive results in weight loss.

I’ve lost four inches from my waistline and two inches from my collar. I’ve lost 15 pounds overall and am on track to lose more. I am in unbelievably better physical condition. Some of us “regulars” in the morning class start and walk/run a mile together. A year ago, I couldn’t run two blocks without painful shin splints.

It is great to feel fit again. I couldn’t have done it without RHWC and the Breakfast Burn!”

– Jim Hurley

“Greg was involved in a very serious motor-cross accident resulting in a fractured pelvis and multiple spine injuries. Pasquale X. Montesano, M.D. of the Roseville Health & Wellness Center performed a Global Fusion on L4-S1. Immediately following surgery Greg began physical therapy at SS&PT of the Roseville Health & Wellness Center. After just 5 weeks of P.T. Greg was ready to join the Wellness Center and begin working out independently five days per week.

Following surgery and rehab Greg rates his success at 100% for normal activities and is enjoying golf and basketball with friends. He has gained 37 pounds since his surgery and is in better condition than before the accident stating he is stronger and leaner as a result of the rehab and training program. It has been a pleasure seeing Greg reach his goals.”

– Greg Pistochini

“I have always been very active and dedicated to working out, but all of that drastically changed when I was involved in a very serious automobile accident several years ago. As I suffered from multiple injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine, I became extremely limited in regards to what activities or workouts I could do. In fact, I literally went from running 6 or 7 miles per day to barely being able to stir a pot of boiling pasta! As a result, I started to gain weight, and because of the injuries, I felt that I would never be able to have my old body back.

However, once I began physical therapy at Sacramento Spine & PT in the Wellness Center, not only did I start to feel better, but I also saw very drastic and positive changes happening to my body. In fact, within the first month of therapy/strength training, I dropped 2 pant sizes!!!! This was truly amazing to me, because for the first time in my life, I was actually spending far less time in a gym than I ever was before, but because of the strength training workouts, I was actually able to reshape my body to the same size that I was 15 years ago when I was involved in college athletics, training 3 -4 hours per day!!!! Personally, I am now a fan for life of strength training, because it has given me my old body back without having to spend hours and hours in the gym. Additionally, the benefits of weight training have been so significant for me that I am actually now able to participate in some of the activities that I used to enjoy prior to the injuries, such as horseback riding and snow skiing. For me, that is reason enough to stick with the weight training for life!!!

–  Julie

“A heart attack and two heart procedures later, I moved to Roseville in August of 2005 only to skip my rehab and get caught up in the stress of a new job and the move. A still young 47, I got another wake-up call. It was time to pay attention, and prioritize my health. In February 2007 I began light running, barely getting in a block before heart rate at 175 and out of breath. My cardiologist referred me to the Roseville Health and Wellness Center for proper guidance with cardiac rehab. With their tremendous support, and encouragement, I soon joined up with the fitness side. I had a goal of running the 197 mile Hood to Coast relay race August 21st. With some doubt at first, my trainer inspired me to successfully complete my 116 mile contribution to the team race. While determined to strengthen my heart, I lost nearly 20 pounds along the way. In six short months I went from feeling sluggish to proudly reaching a lofty goal. Being part of the RH&WC and working with a Personal Trainer and others, I have finally come to realize fitness is not something to try and fit into your schedule. It is a priority for a healthier life. The enthusiasm and energy at RH&WC encourages me to set further goals; getting stronger, a triathlon (or 2) prior to my 2nd annual Hood to Coast Relay next year. I could not be more grateful for being directed to this unique fitness center.”

– Tim Marquette

I am a spin instructor at the Roseville Health & Wellness Center and for the past several years exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet. This was not always the case for me.

I simply didn’t exercise regularly, and I ate whatever and whenever I wanted. My favorite late night snack was a burger and fries. As the seasons went by I began to realize my clothes no longer fit. Then as I looked back at pictures I noticed I had really plumped up and didn’t ever realize it.

It is not easy for me, my weight will fluctuate quickly if I do not watch what I eat and exercise regularly. I still enjoy the foods I love but all in moderation. I am proof that it can be done, if I can do it so can you!

–  Lisa Lyford

Connie was at a place in her life many of us can relate with, she was overweight, unhappy with her appearance and had little energy but she changed all that with a visit to the Roseville Health & Wellness Center.

“My successes have been numerous and wonderful, I have lost 20 lbs and many inches, I have cut my blood pressure medications in half which really impressed my doctor.”

– Connie Reynolds

When the scale read 265 lbs., Ken Kessel decided to take charge of his health. Having attempted different diet plans, he rapidly became frustrated with yo-yo dieting and realized without some sort of exercise plan he wouldn’t make his goal of losing weight become a reality. Ken incorporated exercise into his new lifestyle, walking 8 miles 2-3 times a week and by doctor’s referral enrolled in the aqua classes at the Roseville Health & Wellness Center.

In no time at all, Ken was able to jog-walk and has recently enlisted one of the Wellness Center’s super-trainer. Ken is losing weight and adding more strength and endurance every week.

Ken is now 212 pounds and still losing. He is enthusiastic about his new approach to his health and fitness. Great job Ken!

–  Ken Kessel

Mike was involved in an unfortunate accident at a construction site where he was a site supervisor. While testing water pressure a test gauge blew off a fire hydrant causing 71,000 pounds of water pressure to hit him in the back. He was rushed to the hospital with no feeling or movement in the lower extremities. A T-11 – L-2 fusion surgery was immediately performed. Mike’s outcome was unknown but he was told he might never walk again.

Mike started physical therapy with a great attitude and quickly became a favorite with the staff. He has exceeded the expectations of most and is currently walking with minimal assistance. Mike says he enjoys the friendly staff, thinks the therapist will do anything it takes to get results and he really looks forward to therapy each week. Mike’s work ethic, positive attitude and determination to obtain a full recovery have been inspirational to all of us

– Mike Morgan

Janie Taylor is in the best condition of her life. Just two years ago, she was suffering from migraines, and was troubled with back and neck pain. At the urging of her future training partner, she accepted a one week trial membership and was hooked. Janie credits the center’s welcoming atmosphere, her personal trainer, spin and conditioning teachers, work out partners and friends she has met at RHWC. Janie’s improved body conditioning and core strength are a result of a variety of her program and classes she regularly attends.

“The classes and instructors have taught me the correct body mechanics. If you work out regularly, you will see a difference. Be encouraged, there is hope even with chronic pain.” Today, Janie is getting the maximum enjoyment from her efforts. Her migraines and pain are greatly reduced and she has increased energy, and a sculpted physique. It is also the first time in her life she has ever worked out on a consistent basis. Even though she is out of her comfort zone posing for the wall of fame, we know her commitment and results will inspire others.

–  Janie Taylor

Disease management program a success! 

After just 90 days, a group of 20 participants lost over 670 inches and a total of 406.1 lbs by participating in the Disease Management program at the Roseville Health and Wellness Center… The 12 week program addresses all aspects of health utilizing a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and Relaxation Therapies. Participants realized successes in all areas of health including a 56 point drop in cholesterol, 39 lbs lost, decreased pain, elevated moods, increased energy on average.

We have found that you cannot reverse toxic behavior with any one of the disciplines alone. Every piece of the puzzle is equally as important to the overall success of lifestyle change!

– Lisa

My 30 year battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and my limited mobility brought me to the Roseville Health and Wellness Center for the warm water exercise program. It was Personal Trainer Suzanne Moen’s “you can do it” attitude that brought me out of the pool to her fitness 101 class. Suzanne was able to adapt exercises to meet my specific needs and limitations. Now I have lost over 30 pounds and I have a lot more energy. I can lift my one year old grandson with ease and finally feel like a participant…not just an observer!

–   Louise Cadden

My husband and I have been working out at the RHWC since 2001, and since then I have lost a total of 40 lbs! Being a Type I Diabetic, getting my weight under control was a major factor. I knew I needed to make my health a priority to enjoy daily living, but also to help ward off tendencies toward heart disease. Since being a member, I’ve learned how to use equipment safely and have overall improved energy throughout the day. With excellent support pushing me along, my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels have reached my lowest readings ever! I plan on being apart of this wonderful place for years to come.

– Patty McCartney

Graham became a member of the Roseville Health & Wellness Center while he was awaiting a total knee replacement surgery. For seven months Graham worked out three days per week performing cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

As a result, following his surgery Graham was able to walk without assistance on the day of the operation. He left the hospital in twenty-six hours, had only two days of home care and retired his cane in one week. Typically, a patient would utilize a cane for ten weeks!

No doubt exercise and a great attitude played a major role in Graham’s quick recovery.

–  Graham

“In September 2007, I found out I had breast cancer. I had 2 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. From the treatments, I became stiff where I had surgery, I was tired all the time and I lacked balance. Even though it was a difficult time, I never lost my joy, hope or faith in my Heavenly Father to bring me through it all. And since I’ve been in the Cancer Wellfit Program here at RH&WC, I have gained strength and energy; lost inches in my waist, and have less pain and more mobility in the area I had surgery. I thank God, the wonderful staff here at RH&WC, and Christy Woodward, a knowledgeable, caring and patient personal trainer. She has made this experience fun.”

– Rebecca Miller

Robin’s success has been nothing short of life changing. Robin knew that she had several factors against her: life-long asthma, acute and then chronic shoulder impingement and history of poor family health.

Robin is grateful to Yoga Instructor Lisa for helping her lose weight as well as gain strength and flexibility. She also utilized Noelle Ritter and her knowledge on injury rehabilitation to assist Robin after physical therapy on her shoulder. “The way Robin takes responsibility in her own health continues to impress me. She really wants to understand her body and how she can improve. “ — Noelle Ritter

Robin’s smile and energy is contagious, no wonder she has found such a community of friends at the Roseville Health and Wellness Center.

–  Robin Stanley

“My journey to a healthier lifestyle began around March of 2008 when I found myself almost crawling up the front steps of my house because of my weight (283) and arthritic knees that were very painful. My blood pressure was out of control as well as my diabetes with an A1C reading of 8 and cholesterol above 240. I finally decided that this was no way to live and I knew I needed to do something to change the direction I was headed in. To quote my friend and trainer at the Roseville Health and Wellness Center Suzanne Moen, “Fitness is a journey not a destination” is now my mantra for a better life. I have found all the love and support it takes to travel this road to fitness. Thus far in my journey I have been able to lose almost 87 pounds which has given me a well controlled blood pressure around 106/60, a total cholesterol of 126, and a new diabetic A1C result of 5.6! My energy level is now amazing and I’m stronger than ever before. I feel like many heavy chains have been broken and I’m becoming free to become the me God intended me to be!

If I can help anyone else start their own personal journey, or if you’re already on your own path but need a traveling companion for a time, I am open and ready to walk beside you and be your friend!”

– Debe Tucker

“When putting up with my chronic joint pain from Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis got to be too much, I joined The Roseville Health and Wellness Center. Joint pain had always been a barrier to exercise in the past for me. I began working with Noelle Ritter who understood my condition and limitations but knew how and when to push me. In a little over a year my blood pressure and heart rate decreased, my upper body strength has increased, and my cardiovascular endurance improved. Noelle taught me how to strengthen my core using the exercise ball and improved my balance and flexibility with the foam roller. I’ve dropped body fat and inches and best of all, I can fit into those little black pants I love!”

–  Wendy Louis

“10 years removed from serving in the USAF, where physical fitness was a job expectation, I found myself struggling to balance a demanding career, young family and a healthy lifestyle.”

Daryn participated in the Disease Management Program at RHWC, after just 90 days his waist size dropped from a 36 to a 32, cholesterol dropped 50 points, made healthy changes to his diet, increased strength and was running 20+ miles per week.

“It has been 1 year since completing the program and I am still exercising 4-6 days per week and feel healthier than I have ever felt in my life. I am more focused at work, productive at home, coach my son’s baseball team and play organized sports. Thank you to the professional staff at RHWC for getting me back on track.”

– Daryn, Chief Operating Officer Sutter Roseville Medical Center

It is better to Prepare & Prevent than to- Repair & Repent!

Robert S Taylor MD, a concierge family practice physician has counseled patients for 30 years about good health. Recently, he embarked on a life changing journey at RH&WC that has redefined his own health. “I have lost 30 pounds, added muscle mass and increased my VO2 max by 64%”. “RH&WC has been marvelous for me and my family.” Dr. Taylor continues to be an inspiration to his patients and friends.

–  Dr. Robert Taylor

“I knew I wanted to be one of the success story posters at RH&WC!”

David Brock, who has done just that plus lost 70 pounds and dropped his blood pressure from 196/116 to 115/65! David learned how to use food as nourishment and a vigorous exercise program to drop the weight so he could enjoy the healthy life he’d been seeking for years. He is now taking pride and satisfaction from doing what seemed to be impossible, His inspiration is contagious- and David is now a living example of what true success looks like.

– David Brock

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