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Nutrition is vital to achieve total body wellness. It is not only important to maintain or lose weight to be in good health, but it is also important to include key nutrients in one’s diet to combat diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Here at the Roseville Health and Wellness Center, our on-staff Registered Dietitian strives to work with individuals to achieve total body wellness.

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Hourly Rates
Single: $99.00/hour
Couples: $119.00/hour

Offsite Hourly Rates
Single: $135.00/hour
Couples: $150.00/hour

Nutrition Packages: 1-Hour Sessions (Includes Call/Text Support)
3 Sessions: $269.00
5 Sessions: $429.00

3 Sessions (Couple): $325.00
5 Sessions (Couple): $515.00

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is a service that will help you eat healthy and enjoy delicious meals. In one-hour private sessions, our nutritionist will help you plan a healthy diet based on your individual lifestyle, medical history, and food habits and preferences. Services include:

  • Current Diet Analysis
  • Customized Macronutrient Ranges
  • Initial Food Recommendations
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Recipe building to suit preferences (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, etc.)
  • Adapting further nutritional needs based on intake forms (multiple sessions)
  • Nutrition for all life stages (preconception to elderly)
  • Education designed to meet your nutritional goals (optimize health, weight management)
  • Meal suggestions and guidance
  • Increase Confidence and Consciousness towards proper nutrition
  • 7-Day Meal guidance
  • Recipes and Meal ideas to meet your needs and preferences
  • Meal Planning techniques
  • And much more….

Need Something More?

Completely Customizable Packages: We want to accommodate a variety of your nutritional needs.

  • Do you need a shopping buddy? Someone to show you how to choose healthy food at the store?
  • Do you need multiple sessions at a discounted rate?
  • Are you seeking a private nutritionist? Someone to be at your beck and call, to answer questions and give you nutritional guidance to meet your long term goals?
  • Do you want to mix and match services? We can do that.

Allow Me To Create The Right Package for You

*All clients will receive a Nutrition Guide for Optimized Health, and Educational Material*


Back to Basics – Nutrition and Vitality Package

Here is what is included:

Initial Nutrition Consultation

  • Complete Health and Wellness intake complimented by guided Nutrition education and coaching
  • Education on your unique biochemical individuality and how that directly influences your personal metabolic needs
  • Overview of the importance of proper macro and micronutrient balance in the body
  • The importance of stress reduction to preserve and recharge your organs and glandular systems
  • Whole food based recommendations to support mind/body balance and optimize long term health and vitality
  • Supplementation recommendations that support your individual biochemistry

Nutrition “Health Check” Follow-up: Education & Application
(Scheduled 2 weeks out from Initial Consult)

  • Progress Health Check
  • Comprehensive nutritional reactions and adaptations questionnaire
  • Meal planning and cooking guidance while fine tuning macro and micro nutrients to balance the brain and body
  • How to optimize hormonal balance in your body (Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal Systems)
  • Education on Rotational Dieting and its influence on isolating food intolerances
  • The Mind-Body Connection: How the Emotional self affects the Physical self
  • Address and solve any existing Nutritional behaviors that may prevent steady progress

Written Meal Plan

  • Nutrition Program overview with assessment on the nutrition & lifestyle changes you have made
  • 7 day Personalized Food Guide and Meal Plan with recommendations based on your personal metabolism
  • Meal plan includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and essential Supplements

Total Investment for Back to Basics:
Health and Vitality Package $349
(Package consists of 3 separate Nutrition sessions)

For more information please contact
Lisa Robinson at (916) 677-1200

Per session or Package pricing available.

For more information please contact
Lisa Robinson at (916) 677-1200

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is one of the key catalysts in achieving lifelong health and vitality. Let our Nutritionists teach you the skills to achieve optimum health by providing practical ways you can apply good eating and lifestyle habits into any way of life.

Choose from one of our Nutrition packages:

  • Back To Basics – Nutrition and Vitality Package
  • Revitalizer – 4 Week Nutrition Coaching
  • Advanced Metabolic 8 Week Nutrition Coaching
  • One on One Nutrition Coaching – Work with the RHWC Nutritionist to learn how to:
    • Eat Healthier
    • Improve cholesterol levels
    • Reverse Diabetes
    • Lose Weight
    • Control Blood Sugar
    • Manage many Medical Conditions
    • Plan Family Meals

Nutrition and Personal Training

Have you started exercising and just haven’t seen the results you want? Did you know that diet plays a significant role in weight loss, not to mention overall health and prevention of disease? We have created a program that combines the benefits of personal exercise instruction and nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. This program includes 3 sessions of exercise instruction and 2 sessions of nutritional counseling.

Cost: $325.00.

Call 916-677-1200 for more information.

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