Roseville Health and Wellness Center

RH&WC is part of my life and has enabled me to become the person I have always desired to be inside and out. I cannot imagine my life without exercise and a healthy diet.

Roseville Health and Wellness Center Roseville Health and Wellness Center

What We Offer

There's something for everyone at Roseville Health & Wellness Center!

The Roseville Health & Wellness Center is more than a first class fitness and wellness facility. It's a friendly, member-oriented community with experienced professionals who extend a warm welcome to see that you are fully supported to succeed in your goals.

Come and see why we were voted #1 Wellness Center in the United States by the Medical Fitness Association of America 2007.

At the Roseville Health & Wellness Center, you'll find the best of everything: facilities, equipment and fitness professionals dedicated to helping you get the most out of your workout. Plus, you'll find convenient personal services that make it easier to fit your sport or exercise routine into your busy life. No other fitness center in the area offers you so much.